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A recap

Posted by deepthinker16 on February 19, 2007

Feb 19: a shot of my desk lamp and the bottom half of my RENT poster. I remember getting that poster at the NY Comic Con a year ago.

Feb 18: A shot of my “coffee table”. It’s really a trunk covered by a fleece blanket 🙂

Feb 17: My new haircut

Feb 16: *laugh* I still haven’t taken down my Christmas cards

Feb 15: I forgot my camera… so no photo

Feb 14: A snowstorm/icestorm hit NYC for Valentine’s day. I took this photo of 2nd Avenue, on my way home from work. We got out early that day.

Feb 13th: A shot of my monitor at work. And yes, that is Liz Hendrickson wallpaper.


2 Responses to “A recap”

  1. Heather said

    Liz wallpaper!!!

  2. Donna said

    You’re using my photo of Liz for your wallpaper! Yay! Okay, actually, a variation thereof, but it makes me happy to see that! What a day that way, huh?

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